International Journal of Inactivism — Mindless Link Propagation section

  • 08:07:39 am on February 6, 2010 | 0

    At the inactivist Bishop Hill blog, UEA climatologist Paul Dennis gives his account of his communications with Steve McIntyre around the time of the CRU crack: [cached]

    2) My first knowledge of anything untoward was a departmental email circular saying that emails and files were hacked from ENV (environmental sciences) and CRU (climatic research unit). My interest was piqued so I emailed Steve McIntyre to ask if he was aware of anything. Steve replied that he wasn’t and that if he did find out anything he’d let me know. It was apparently this email that I sent that confirmed to both Steves (McIntyre and Mosher) that the leaked files were authentic.

    3) The following day Steve emailed me a single url. It was to Jeff Id’s site. I clicked the link but couldn’t find anything and forgot about it.

    4) Next day all hell breaks loose as the files have gone wild.


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