International Journal of Inactivism — Mindless Link Propagation section

  • 08:18:10 pm on November 6, 2009 | 0

    The Climate ‘Science’ Coalition of America, in an effort to show that temperature records are worthless — or something — makes vague allusions to “new”, “self-published reports” and “important developments”: [cached]

    Most people should know that a large part of the “evidence” that supports the anthropogenic global warming […] theory is the historical temperature trend data […] How good are those data? In this and future postings, we’ll explore that question […] We’ll be relying on self-published reports, not the peer-reviewed literature. That’s not our usual preference, but there have been important developments. In many cases the reports are so new that peer-reviewed papers could not possibly be prepared or published (which make take many months).



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